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talking in/to myself

© Laurent Friquet


conception / performance: ALI MOINI
production: Selon l'Heure
coproduction: CNDC
2012 : Festival d'Automne _ Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris

Recalling an event, exploring it more and getting to know what is in there and how much it had influenced you.
By reminding and repeating an specific event that i had experienced years ago, i found out that i am experimenting a way to tell this story, to myself, to the space and to listeners who might include myself even.
This piece is a " story telling" in different layers and manners. while i am trying to put myself and audience in an specific situation in different ways.
Playing with timing repetition and "flash back-flash forward" and what is supposed to be done is a 33 minutes where i project my thought, my research and body regarding to a very specific period of my life which influenced me, and still does.