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©Mathilde Delahay


Concept, Choreography and Stage Setting Ali Moini
Video, Design & Props Fred Rodrigues
performance Ali Moini
lights and technical direction Augustin Sauldubois
dramaturgy advisor Thibaud Croisy
production SELON L'HEURE
with the support of Fondation d'entreprise Hermès in the context of its programme New Settings #3
with the support of Centre national de danse contemporaine ANGERS and  TANZQUARTIER Wien

première Nov. 2013 New Settings _ Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris
            Nov. 2014 NEXT _ Espace Pasolini, Valenciennes
                Sept. 2015 Crossing the Line _ FIAF, New York 
            March 2017 Artdanthé Festival _ Vanves

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Iranian artist Ali Moini delivers a complex investigation of identity and oppression in Lives. 
The tension between his selves—fictional, political, mythical, and real—becomes tangible onstage through a constrictive set, striking projections, and meticulous sound design. As Moini performs a delicate dance in the midst of these fragmented manifestations of self, a haunting meditation on the struggle for reconciliation, reclamation, and freedom emerges.

"The image is elegant: this man tethered to his biography, ensnared, nourished. As his body sways and vibrates, the written facts sway and vibrate with him, but only physically. He does a little sinuous stepping-in-place dance. He removes each of the tubes from his body, and they snap back to the panels. In deference to the work’s plural title, he throws in suggestions of other selves: biographical data borrowed from a baby his mother miscarried, imagined facts of a future self."